6 Practical Tips to Improve Your Domain Reputation

Domain reputation and IP address are the two things that decide the fate of every email you send to your customer. Thus, if you don’t have a good domain reputation and IP score, all the mails that you send might start landing in the spam box of your customers. So, to help you out, we are sharing with you six practical tips that you can use to improve your domain reputation and ensure your emails never land in the spam box of your customers again.

Slow Down

The first thing that you can do to improve your domain reputation and improve your email delivery rate and the open rate is to reduce your frequency of sending emails. Sending a large number of emails when your domain reputation is very low can make you appear as spam to ESPs. Similarly, people might not even engage with your mails and move your emails to the spam box. So, to avoid these issues, keep two things in mind:

  • Don’t spam people’s inbox by sending lots of emails.
  • Optimize your contact list to send emails to only those people that are engaging with your emails.

Once you do this, your delivery rate and open rate will start to improve, which would ultimately improve your domain reputation.

Clean Your Email List

The next that you can do to improve your domain reputation is to clean your email list. Remove all those email addresses from your email list that have not engaged with your emails for more than two months. This might shrink your email list a bit but will surely improve its quality. As a result, your open rate and engagement rate will start to improve, which will give your domain reputation a big boost.

Allow Your Receiver to Communicate their Preferences

If you want your domain reputation to grow, make sure that you give your email subscribers the option to communicate their preferences for your emails. For instance, some people might not want to receive emails from you. So, there is no point in sending emails to them because they might move your emails to spam. Thus, it is necessary that you provide them with an option to communicate their preferences, and you can do this by adding unsubscribe and set preference options in your emails. Again, this might shrink your email list, but it will surely improve its quality, which is a prerequisite for improving your domain reputation.

Honor their Removal Request

Another thing that you can do to improve your domain reputation is to honor your subscribers’ removal request. If they have requested you to remove them from your email list, make sure you honor their request. Although most ESPs do these things automatically once a subscriber communicates their choice through the links in the emails. But if you are using an ESP that doesn’t provide this feature, make sure you honor your subscribers’ request before sending your next email. This will further enhance the quality of your email list and build your reputation, which will improve your domain reputation.

Send Relevant and Appealing Emails

Sending relevant and appealing emails is one of the best things that you can do to increase your open rate and improve your domain reputation. The fact is that no one likes to spend their time reading an email that is not relevant to them or is not well designed. So, if you want your customers to engage with your emails, make sure that you keep these points in your mind while creating your emails. One bonus tip ensures that your email looks good on a mobile device. Why? Because most people use their mobiles for reading their emails, and if your email does not look good on mobile devices, you might lose lots of subscribers because of it.

 Create Catchy Headlines

Whenever a person receives an email, the first thing that he is shown is the Headline of your email. It is that moment when a person decides whether the mail is worth his attention or not. So, make sure you are using catchy headlines for your emails if you want to improve your open rate. You can also ask your friends or colleagues to have a look at your headlines and use their feedback to further improve the quality of your emails’ headlines.

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